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Look Less Stressed and Get a More Youthful Appearance with BOTOX®

I am all about aging gracefully; my approach to skin care, aesthetic treatments, and injectables reflects that.

My favorite treatment is Botox.

It makes me look refreshed and rested quicker than anything else.

I’ve been a nurse since 1990 and Specializing in Aesthetics since 2013 when my Husband and I lived at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.

I’d gone back to school to obtain my aesthetics license because I love making people feel good, and who doesn’t feel great after a facial.  

My instructor ran a medical spa. When she found out I was a nurse, and asked if I wanted to learn to inject Botox and Fillers.

After learning the basics and working with them for about 6 months we moved to the West Coast for better opportunites.

In Orange County I worked in Newport Beach, and had the honor of training with Dr Vic Narurkar and Dr Monica Bonakdar; you might not know them, but they are pretty well known injectors in California.

Orange County felt too crowded and wasn’t really affordable, so we moved to Vegas for a year where I saw nearly 30 patients per day.

Lots of LIPS!

But, we decided to keep looking for a place that we loved.

Nevada, wasn’t it.

In 2018, we moved to Frisco, Texas and we absolutely love the North Dallas Area. 


We’ve found great restaurants, fun things to do, amazing little towns near Frisco, and plenty of day trips. Let me know if you have any recommendations of things to explore.

Well, that’s enough about me…. oh….. yeah….

Would you like me to be your Nurse Injector? 

I worked and continue to work very hard to build advanced injector skills.

I’m lucky enough to have plenty of practical, real world, tested knowledge that helps me guide my patients in reaching their aesthetic goals.

Let me warn you though, I’m not about those duck lips, so if you’re looking for a natural look…

… not frozen or plastic, just less stressed and less wrinkled, I’m your girl.

We will start slow so I get to know you, your goals, and the way your face responds to treatments, that way we can avoid mishaps that come with being overly zealous.

I’ll guide you every step of the way so that you get the results you want without going overboard.

Contact me today to set up a consultation.

“Annette is simply the best!

She sincerely cares about her clients and wants you love how you look.
Annette takes the time to hear what you want.

I was very nervous and in a few minutes we were talking and laughing.
She heard me, listened to what I was hoping for, and helped me look better.
She made me feel special and I love her to pieces.”

Debra Lee

If you have any questions
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